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Joan Wright-Good, Ph.D. candidate - 2016 US State of Women Gamechanger. CEO of JWG Publishing House, Business Startup & Marketing Solutions LLC, Joan Wright Good Collections and Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of Multiple Streams Magazine. As a business investor, Cultural Architect, and Philanthropy, Joan also spends her time as the Regional Vice President of Manhood Mentorship, a non-profit organization, that educate, empowers, and trains boys and men to become better leaders. 


CheRe Cornett - is an Entrepreneur, Photographer, and Author. She is the mother of the most handsome lil man, Mason.


Keana Bell - is our Millennial Staff Writer, she covers all things millennial and business. Keana is an Entrepreneur, Author, and Writer.


Tamiko Blake - A multi-talented individual with 14 years experience in the areas of Digital Media Design, Illustration. Designing advertisements for both print and digital media(social media and google ads). 5 years of experience as a motion graphics designer creating video ads for television, social media, and outdoor screens. Along with designing websites. All done for small, medium, and large companies. Among my many talents is also a passion to create digital designs that communicates exactly what my client requires. From desire to accomplishment.


Samuel McDonald - Layout and Design team - Samuel is a Graphic Designer with over 10 years of design experience. He has a passion for art and has the ability to transform any unique idea into digital images and works of art. 


Que Johnson - Is the CEO of  529 Management a Lifestyle Branding and Brand Management company. They teach Brands how to build up for longevity instead of building out for short term success. 


Pastor Tavares Robinson - TAVARES ROBINSON is the founder and senior pastor of Sound the Trumpet Ministries of Miami, located in Miami, Florida, he serves as one of our resident contributors for our Pastor's corner. He also serves as president of Watchman Publishing, which launched in 2018. He received a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications from Ottawa University, in Ottawa, Kansas.

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